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Multi-Function Cotton Leash - Blue

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One leash, Seven different uses!

Get ready to make the best investment in your pet accessory collection with PetWale's latest, Multi-Function Leash. 

Made with a customised cotton blend to give softness for your palms and strength for your uses. This leash can be used to walk your on a long leash or a short-tighter hold, to tie them at a distance or to keep them close by. It can be used for hands-free dog walking or to walk 2 dogs together. With a loop for a tighter grip during walks in traffic areas, this leash solves all your walking needs! 



Available in 3 different sizes and 6 colour combinations. Choose the one that'll suit your pack the best. 

Leash Size Width Dog Size
Small  0.75" Toy and Small Breeds
Medium 1.00" Small and Medium Breeds
Large 1.50" Large and Giant Breeds


Tip: If you're using the leash for 2 dogs, pick the size as per the bigger size dog. 


Made with a custom cotton blend - this is the softest leash you'll find in the country. Durably produced and fitted with rust-resistent metallic fittings for safety & longevity.

Shipping & Returns

Items will be dispatched within 24 hours of order being placed. And delivery timelines are between 2-7 days of order placement.

If you wish to return/exchange the product please send us an e-mail to with the order number, return/exchange reason and details.


All leashes are adjustable between 4 feet to 8 feet in length.
The Small Size Leash is 0.75" in width.
The Medium Size Leash is 1" in width.
The Large Size Leash is 1.5" in width.

Care Instructions

Hand wash is preferred.

Pro tip: Soak in baking soda and vinegar for a 2 hours before washing to remove the tough stains and smells from the products.

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