About Us

Our story:

Our story starts with the adoption of our first dog in 2002- Pebbles. The resources available back then were few and accessories were hard to come by in the Indian market.

Twelve years later, Oskii came into our lives, and with him, our need for more quality accessories and training tools, both to enhance his life and ours. It was after Luna, the most senior member of our pack, joined us that we knew what our calling was. We decided that we wanted only the best for our pets, and if that was not available, then we would have it manufactured for them.


Our vision and inspiration:

 A pet parent's search and attempt to provide quality accessories and training tools for her pets turned into PetWale. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fast, but it was a thrilling ride that we would not swap for anything under the sun.

Our mission of wanting to provide choke proof, safe, comfortable pet products for our pets keeps inspiring us every single day.

The growth that PetWale has seen is a testament to having our hearts in the right place- right next to our pets and their well-being at all times!


Our community: 

In our journey, we've had the pleasure of associating with a lot of well-wishers, pet trainers, pet parents, and experts, whose common goals of enhancing pet lives, have always worked for the betterment of our products, to make it safer and more comfortable with each iteration. Today, our tribe of pet parents, pet-lovers and their pets together form part of our PetWale family! (#WeArePetWale)


The PetWale Promise:

  1. Pet-first products and designs:
    Our products are always designed keeping the pet first. Each product is developed after extensive rounds of feedback and usage reviews by pet parents and top pet trainers to make it safe, comfortable and sturdy.

  2. Made in India:

    Our products are made with love in India, using raw materials including prints and designs sourced from Indian artisans and craftsmen.

  3. High-Quality material and fittings:

    From the fabric we use to the metallic fittings, we ensure the best quality possible. Our metallic fittings are custom made to ensure they are of great tensile strength, light in weight and rustproof.

  4. Constant Innovation: 

    We are continually experimenting and constantly on the lookout for different fabrics, and materials that can make the lives of pets and their parents more comfortable. 

  5. Longevity and Environment Conscious:

    Our products are designed to last longer. They can be hand washed and easily be used for years, as long as the fit remains the same. 

  6. Hand Crafted, Hand Checked:

    All our products are handmade by craftsmen, in small batches. Each product that leaves our premises is hand-checked by our quality control team to ensure only the best of the lot reaches a pet.


About Anisha:

After eight-plus years of working in branding &    marketing for other companies, Anisha decided to start manufacturing & designing pet accessories to ensure quality training tools and accessories for her own pets and fill a gap in the Indian market for such products.

She is working on her start-up- PetWale, with her pet Co-founders, Oskii and Luna. She is working on her dream of enhancing the lives of pets through the products of PetWale and ultimately reach her goal of setting up a rescue centre with the aim of helping animals that need a comfortable, loving forever home for the rest of their lives on this planet.

A woman-led business that started as a project of love by Anisha, PetWale has made a lot of strides - from becoming one of the most sought after young pet brands in the country, to making it to many 'top-seller' lists, she and her furry friends are conquering the pet accessories world, one happy pet at a time.

PetWale is moving onwards and upwards under her watchful eyes and in this journey, we would love to have you and your pet join us.